Bookkeeping SETUP & TRAINING

FOR Self-employed & small business

in powell river, BC & Upper sunshine coast

Eliminate stress by learning to effectively manage your books & taxes.

Bookkeeping training & business setup in Powell River BC

Let's Face it... Your business's bookkeeping is stressing you out!

What you need is an effective, error-free system and coaching from a trusted expert.

set up A System that works

IMagine being able to FULLY relax knowing that your bookkeeping is prepared efficiently and error-free.

Bookkeeping setup & training Powell River BC
Bookkeeping training Powell River BC

"we're so relieved We had Melissa on our side"

Kevan Robitaille - Powell River Climbing Co-op

Melissa helped us get up and running through the awkward startup phase. It would have been a massive headache trying to figure out all the paperwork and financial details on our own.

Customized to your needs

WE use our expertise in OFFICE PROCEDURES, ACCOUNTING software, and tax REPORTING TO set up your customized bookkeeping system.

Great Owl Bookkeeping is run by Melissa Leigh and currently operates in Powell River, BC and the Upper Sunshine Coast.

Melissa has accumulated over 40 years experience in various aspects of office admin, bookkeeping and tax preparation. She has worked in many industry settings including retail, construction, health & wellness, non-profit, insurance, rural planning, and financial planning.

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Let's get started

It's easy to get startED... Just Book a free consultation where we'll assess your needs, and see how we can help.

1. Book a Free Consultation

Fill out the contact form and we'll will get back to you to as soon as possible. We'll set up a no-pressure chat about what you're struggling with and how we might be able to help you.

2. I'll get everything set up

Every business needs a good bookkeeping process so things run smoothly. We'll devise a custom system for your business, set everything up, and train you to use it.

3. You start focusing on what matters

With your books in order, you can focus on things like product development, customer service and sales & marketing.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Five mistakes businesses
make when setting up their bookkeeping system

Bookkeeping is confusing! There’s no sugarcoating it. Businesses often make big mistakes when setting up their own system. 

These mistakes result in stress, money loss, and wasted time as you deal with errors in an inefficient system. 

Learn the five biggest mistakes and how you can fix them starting today.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Are you making these mistakes?

Learn the top 5 mistakes businesses make when setting up their bookkeeping system, and how you can start fixing them today.

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