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A Tax and Business Services Specialist supporting small business success!


If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with the challenges of reporting business profits and taxes, you’ve come to the right place. We can help!

Bookkeeping training Powell River BC

Hi! I'm Melissa.

I believe that to succeed in business the following knowledge is essential:
Aero Designs Powell River BC

"The knowledge and experience I've gained thanks to Melissa’s guidance has been invaluable."

Wanda Revke - Aero Designs

Managing the day to day operations of a small to medium sized business can be a hand full in any respect, but when you add in international sales and aviation, the bookkeeping takes on a life of its own.

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone that wants to learn and maintain their own bookkeeping while having the necessary support throughout the year. The knowledge and experience I've gained from her guidance has been invaluable.


I’ve been working in business for over 40 years. In the recent 15 years, I’ve worked with over 200 small businesses, and I received extensive training on accounting, computers, bookkeeping and tax software, and personal and business tax reporting.

Through the Knowledge Bureau: I have received two Certificates of Distinction: Tax Services Specialist and Business Services Specialist.

Prior to bookkeeping, I worked as a Buyer/ Marketing Coordinator for a large retail chain. Along with running marketing campaigns, this is where I learned how to prepare and analyze financial statements — the crux of measuring business worth.

When I’m not working in the office, I spend my free time in the garden and hiking some of the beautiful trails in the Powell River area.

Why work with me? You can ask any of my happy clients.

Bookkeeping training Powell River BC
Tracy Raftl

"Melissa's always so on it"

Tracy Raftl - Tracy Raftl Media Ltd.

Without Melissa, I can guarantee my bookkeeping would be a disaster. She's always so organized, on top of everything, easy to talk to and get advice from. If you're having trouble with your bookkeeping, I can't recommend her enough.

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3. You start focusing on what matters

With your books in order, you can focus on things like product development, customer service and sales & marketing.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Five mistakes businesses
make when setting up their bookkeeping system

Bookkeeping is confusing! There’s no sugarcoating it. Businesses often make big mistakes when setting up their own system. 

These mistakes result in stress, money loss, and wasted time as you deal with errors in an inefficient system. 

Learn the five biggest mistakes and how you can fix them starting today.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Are you making these mistakes?

Learn the top 5 mistakes businesses make when setting up their bookkeeping system, and how you can start fixing them today.

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