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Are you a small-business or self-employed owner struggling with bookkeeping? We can make it feel easy with a customized system and bookkeeping training.

1. system building

If your current bookkeeping system needs a makeover, get set to relax while we put your paperwork in order and then train you to track and keep current with your financial reporting.

A professional organization puts priority on the following:


Knowing your financial position at all times
is an essential component of effective decision-making.

Then, with internal controls in place, you will feel at ease to work on other areas of the business — like customer service, marketing and researching new products.

Training for you and your staff on accounting software and bookkeeping and tax fundamentals will include all the basic tasks of operating a business:

Relay Rentals Powell River BC

"Anyone looking for training, problem solving and support we highly recommend Great Owl Bookkeeping. Melissa returned our sanity!"

Lori Blackman, Relay Rentals - Powell River BC

A year ago, we were facing year end. With new owners and a new bookkeeper, the purchase of an additional business in the works and changing the accounting software from Sage to QuickBooks, we were totally overwhelmed and frustrated.

Then we were referred to Melissa from Great Owl Bookkeeping. The minute we spoke, Melissa demonstrated a vast wealth of knowledge and a practical approach to the transition. Her calm quiet demeanour and systematic approach instilled confidence, and slowly the frustrations began to disappear.

We worked with Melissa throughout the year developing best practises and setting up and training on QuickBooks. Melissa takes the time to listen and worked with us to find solutions. Anyone looking for training, problem solving and support we highly recommend Great Owl Bookkeeping. Melissa returned our sanity!

3. ongoing Support

It takes time to build confidence with bookkeeping. We won't leave you hanging.

Confidence comes with training and practice. As your skill and knowledge level increases, our role and time will diminish accordingly.

Let's get started


1. Book a Free Consultation

Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you to as soon as possible. We'll set up a no-pressure chat about what you're struggling with and how we might be able to help you.

2. We'll get everything set up

Every business needs a good bookkeeping process so things run smoothly. We'll devise a custom system for your business, set everything up, and train you to use it.

3. You start focusing on what matters

With your books in order, you can focus on things like product development, customer service and sales & marketing.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Five mistakes businesses
make when setting up their bookkeeping system

Bookkeeping is confusing! There’s no sugarcoating it. Businesses often make big mistakes when setting up their own system. 

These mistakes result in stress, money loss, and wasted time as you deal with errors in an inefficient system. 

Learn the five biggest mistakes and how you can fix them starting today.

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Bookkeeping Training Powell River BC

Are you making these mistakes?

Learn the top 5 mistakes businesses make when setting up their bookkeeping system, and how you can start fixing them today.

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